Redeemed Care

Our Values

Our value is embedded in our beliefs in life, respect, humility and care-giving.  These four cardinal values are the pillars that form the foundation of a community that honours and supports diversity and healthy experiences. We value people, We give hope.

Ways to Give

There are many causes that need help, you can raise your funds for a cause that you care or give your donations by participating directly in our charity events.

RECENT causes

Raise your funds for a cause that you care

Save The Children

Save the Children are on the frontline delivering life-saving aid. So this charity..


Why you should choose us

Our organisation is about giving back and raising funds for great causes and events.

Affordable Pricing

Guaranteed lower pricing for our counselling services to support organisational goal.

Goal Requirements

All our activities and funds raised are used toward the desired goal. We are transparent in all our operations...

Maximize tax advantages for your gift

We are a registered charity organisation. All donation of $2 and above are tax deductible.

Your Charitable Life

Show the world your charitable impact. Get involved support a cause today.

We Are Trusted

Several individuals have worked with us and we offer the opportunity to connect and partner with other organisations.

Our experience

With years of experience, our professional staffs and counsellors have broad knowledge of community issues and needs.

Our projects

Support For Fathers

More details coming soon…

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Dream Focus

To Promote, respect, fairness and a sense of belonging for African youths and other Australians of every race, culture and religion.

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African Men’s Group

Redeemed Care Inc., a professional body that provides counselling and other social services to the community had several meetings with the following communities.

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