African Men’s Group


Redeemed Care Inc. A professional body that provides counselling and other social services to the community and has had several meetings with the following communities:

a) African professionals, b) Rwandan Community, c) African Council, d) Nigerian Community, e) Congolese Community, f) Liberian Community and g) Sierra Leonean Community. The outcome of these meetings was that these communities would work in partnership in order to start and run African Men’s Group and Counselling services

The African Men’s Group and Counselling Services aim at strengthening the capacity of the African nations and their culture. The African Men’s Group helps the African men to gather in a non-formal, non-threatening way in order to express themselves without being judged or condemned and support the development culturally inclusive policies that will help them develop economically and socially. Counselling services will be available for African families.

In partnership with all the participating organisations, Redeemed Care will start an African Men’s Group in Mirrabooka and Counselling Services in the City of Canning.

The partner organisations will mobilize African men to attend a free weekly African Men’s Group. This group will enable the participants to open up in a non-threatening or judgmental environment. Through the forum, the African men would make policies that will help them to not only integrate in Australia but also help in their economic and social advancement. Those that need counselling will not be ashamed to attend individual counselling sessions run by professionals at the City of Canning.

The African Men’s Group will be run by two professionals while the men would have options on the individual professional counsellor they would see for individual counselling.

Topics to be covered:

1)     Domestic Violence

2)     Law & Order

3)     Men’s Health

4)     Finance

5)     Parenting

6)     Addiction

7)     Ensuring Safety for Women and Children

8)     Motivational Talk

African Men Group and Counselling Project Report for 2016 can be download here